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About Universal Land


Our clients notice a significant difference immediately upon Universal Land mobilizing onto a project. Our equipment and employees are professionally outfitted and easily identifiable. Our jobsites are clean, free of trash and debris. Trenches are not left open overnight. Unlike most of our competition, we backfill and compact directly behind the excavation process. This allows for a more organized job site and the possibility of following trades to start earlier, decreasing project duration. Our projects are well organized, clean and safe.


Universal Land has existing positive relationships with many valley developers and builders.  Our relationships were built upon fairness, strong communication, follow through and quality work that delivered projects on time.  Beginning in 2006 Universal Land has established relationships with construction management firms, land developers and home builders. 


Universal Land believes in being at the forefront of the ever changing technology utilized in heavy civil construction.  When it comes to software, communication, accessibility, scheduling, project management, or any other task that could be enhanced by technology, Universal Land has implemented it.


Universal Land believes the most important element in construction is safety.  We take extreme measures to ensure a true safe work environment. Universal Land does not just talk about it, we demand it. Safety training is the first step before a team member can join a crew on a jobsite. Every team member will have been through formal training and be required to complete a competent person course, no exceptions. PPE’s are mandatory on all Universal Land job sites.


Universal Land is built on strong relationships, years of quality work, and integrity.  Through our vast experience over the years working in the construction industry, Universal Land is anchored in the private residential and commercial development markets.


Universal Land has strict policies that ensure our work is of the utmost quality.  We do not deviate from specifications or guidelines unless approved by THE appropriate officials. We construct our projects per job details and specifications, no exceptions.  It is the responsibility of Universal Land to be familiar with all specifications on a project and to ensure a quality product.


Universal Land is unlike any other contractor in the industry.  Come visit one of our jobsites and contact our references. Through years of experience, learning from our mistakes, working with integrity and accepting the feedback from our clients, we have taken the top quality attributes to create an exceptional construction company.  Our employees enjoy an established track record of excellent project service and support from our clients.  We will continue to establish Universal Land as a key trade partner and advance our growth in the marketplace with more unique and effective construction services.